General information

Rseslib is a library of machine learning data structures and algorithms implemented in Java. The library is developed by the team from Group of Logic, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw, Poland. The team is headed by Professor Andrzej Skowron.

This web site introduces to the newest version of the library: Rseslib 3. The first version Rseslib 1 started in 1993 and was implemented in C++. Rseslib 2 was the first version of the library implemented in Java and it stands for the core of RSES 2.x.

Rseslib 3 is assumed to provide modular component-based architecture and easy-to-reuse data representations and methods. It is used in TunedIT system for automated evaluation, benchmarking and comparison of data mining and machine learning algorithms.


Rseslib is distributed under GNU GPL license. To download Rseslib and its source code click the links below:

There are also the tools provided for Rseslib: Before running a tool unzip the file. At present there are the following tools available: Qmak is in beta version so there are still the two older graphical interfaces available:




Data format

The library reads 3 formats of data:


The source code is maintained by the SVN system in the repository Access to the source code is available only for people having an account at the server with permissions to the project rseslib.

For rseslib development Eclipse is recommended. Working with the SVN repository is possible inside Eclipse with the help of Subclipse plugin.


Arkadiusz Wojna